Feedback from our clients .
 Niloufar Kiarostami  Exchange 4100 Tether ERC20 USDT to 4.0756862 Ethereum ETH
As an international member, I was glad that I was able to find someone who could meet my needs without hinderances.
Looking forward to doing more business with you.
2022-06-19 06:41:38
 LION.  Exchange 205 Visa/MasterCard USD to 201.68 Perfect Money USD
Exchange rate must be better for regular customers.
2022-06-14 16:12:24
  Kim Larsson  Exchange 1160 Perfect Money USD to 0.8501812 Ethereum ETH
I have tried once from PerfectMoney to Ethereum and nearly instantly received money, so one time experience but positive since exchange happened automatically.
2022-06-13 19:10:29

Thanks for your feedback Kim.L.
 Ali Reza  Exchange 260 Perfect Money USD to 4.0351673 LiteCoin LTC
Excellent & Very quick services. Thanks for the quick service. All the best
2022-06-08 08:23:33
 David  Exchange 12.15000 Binance Coin BNB to 3569.69 Western Union USD
It's a very good and reliable exchange site. I have never had a problem with since using it. I highly recommend :)
2022-06-04 15:48:15
 Aikituark  Exchange 510 Visa/MasterCard USD to 501.74 Perfect Money USD
The best and fast exchanger I came across. I recommend anyone looking for the best exchanger, do use USDGOLD is it the reliable and the fastest.
2022-06-02 22:10:29
 Fontaine  Exchange 0.25 Ethereum ETH to 433.31 Visa/MasterCard EUR
This site is very good. The transactions are done quickly and in a safe way. At each step it is easy to verify what is happening and go back if necessary.
2022-05-26 11:19:38
 baha eldic  Exchange 350 Perfect Money EUR to 5.0870985 LiteCoin LTC
I have had so far my best experience on this exchange platform, so fast and support is quick to give feedback in case of any challenges .
2022-05-23 14:56:11
 Thron  Exchange 2550.10 Tether ERC20 USDT to 2334.30 Sepa Transfer EUR
Excellent, fast and reliable. My wife's third transaction and it went through very fast like our 2 previous ones. Took less then 1h for SEPA transfer.
Keep up the good work!
2022-05-19 08:22:06
 Bernardo  Exchange 0.30108 BitCoin BTC to 7954.72 Sepa Transfer EUR
Muy buena, la verdad estoy encantado con la rapidez de este servicio, Gracias
2022-05-13 07:15:37
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