Terms and Conditions .
These Terms and Conditions determine the agreement between You (Customer) and usd-gold.com company, concerning the use of our buy, sell, exchange service. An individual (verified or not verified) visiting usd-gold.com agrees to follow determined Terms and Conditions. The following document describes ways in which we provide our services, it explains the rights and duties of the Customer as to the access and usage of the services performed by usd-gold.com company.

It is important to read and review Terms and Conditions below. usd-gold.com reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions periodically and inform to our all users by News page.

The Customer is responsible for providing valid and accurate information needed to process and complete payment transactions. usd-gold.com takes no responsibility for the payment transaction if the information provided by Customer is incorrect.

usd-gold.com is responsible to complete transactions on the website usd-gold.com, usd-gold.com also has the right to access information about the course of transaction in usd-gold.com system 24/7.

The payment of services provided by usd-gold.com is carried out by the Customer according to usd-gold.com service rates. usd-gold.com has the right to change these rates when it is needed.

usd-gold.com is not responsible for any loss or damage, resulting from a delay in bank transactions or electronic money transfers of the Customer, if the day of sending or the days after sending are not business days in the country of usd-gold.com partner-participant, that is the receiver.

usd-gold.com is not responsible for mistakes, omissions or delays of payments made by banks, serving usd-gold.com partners-participants, by a correspondent bank or e-payment system as well as it is not responsible for the consequences caused by their financial state.

The Customer has to read and agree with all fees explanation that are described in the right column of each order.

Time frame for delivery please read DELIVERY page in site.

In connection with increase amount of scam cases, usd-gold.com does not carry out withdrawal of money transfers (Western Union, MoneyGram) sent through online-interface. Please use Western Union / MoneyGram office to send money transfer.

If amount of money transfer (Western Union, MoneyGram) in sell order is more than +5000.00 USD then order will be sent via 2 money transfers.

Customer can make only three deal a day for one exchange direction. If user makes several repeating orders usd-gold.com service will return orders without transaction fees.

usd-gold.com not allow first Bank Wire order by online transfer, first time client must be send manually by bank window. When confirming the first wire transfer client need to attach paper from bank with the following details mentioned:

- Name of the Bank of sender;
- Address of the Bank of sender;
- Account Number (IBAN for transfers from European Union);
- Name of the Account Holder;
- Receiver information (Name of Account Holder, Account Number)
- Memo required;
- Name of agent sending wire transfer;
- Paper must be signed by bank agent.

If you send your first wire transfer using online banking it will be returned to you and all bank’s fees will be deducted. After the first successful wire transfer you will be able to make buy orders using your online banking and attach print screen of transfer.

usd-gold.com has right to have regular software and hardware system maintenance. During technical maintenance access to accounts can be partial or website can be fully inoperative. usd-gold.com is obliged to inform users about the technical maintenance in advance. The announcement about technical maintenance has to be placed on the website in the section “News”.

usd-gold.com is not responsible for any damage occurring in connection with technical maintenance.

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