How to make exchange
Exchange between electronic currencies (Webmoney, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Qiwi and others). The withdrawal of e-currency: on cards (Visa, Mastercard);

This is a simple and fast type of exchange. It does not require registration , but it makes the exchange process more simple and allows you to monitor all orders statuses.

1. On the main page of the site, in the left column select the currency you want to exchange. In the right column, click on the currency you want to receive. Example

2. After step 1., you will be moved to the page for entering the data necessary for making an exchange such as the amount of your payment and the amount received in the selected currencies, your email address (E-MAIL), Account/purse from where you will be To make payment, the Account/Purse for which the exchanged funds will be transferred. Fill out the suggested form as shown in the example and click the `Continue` button.

3. After your order is processed, you will be moved to the merchant payment page, as shown in the example. Click on the button `Pay the order` and pay it in the way suggested by the system.

4. In this example, the payment of the application is made through the Merchant of the QIWI payment system, and when you pay the application you will be moved to the next page Example. Follow instructions the QIWI payment system and make a payment.

5. Upon completion of the payment, return to the page of your order by the link sent to you by e-mail (E-MAIL), or by the link offered by the payment system. If you successfully complete the payment, you will see the following page Example. This message means that your bid has been successfully completed and the funds for the order have been sent to the account/purse specified in the order.

If you still have any difficulties with paying, please contact customer support.
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