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How exchange BitCoin BTC to Tether ERC20 USDT

To make the exchange you need to perform the following steps:
Fill out all the fields in the form above .
Read our the Terms and conditions., and if you accept them, check the appropriate box.
Press the "Continue" button.
The rate is fixed when the order is created and the customer has paid within 60 minutes after creation. If payment is not received within 60 minutes > the order is automatically deleted (payment of the order > confirmation of the transaction in the network).
The processing of your order begins immediately after 2 confirmations of the payment transaction in the -network and crediting the balance of the payment platform / exchange. If within 60 minutes after the creation of the order transaction does not receive 2 confirmations, the service reserves the right to recalculate the rate according to the Binance at the time of their be received.
If a transaction sent by you as a payment for an order is marked by the payment platform exchange as a deposit from Dark Market or a suspicious transaction > processing of the order is suspended until the incident is resolved and may require the customer to verify (KYC).
By making this exchange, you automatically agree to all its Terms and conditions.
Pay the order by transferring the exact amount to the credentials specified in the description.
After making the payment click the "Check payment" on the next page.
If the client has paid the order, but due to circumstances wants to cancel the exchange, the return of funds is minus 5% of the payment amount + commission within the payment system and the difference in the exchange rate.
Wait for the transfer of funds from the service to the credentials you specified. All information and transfer status can be viewed on the page "Status of the request", which opens immediately after order was created.
The value specified in the field "Amount (including PS fee)" is approximate and may differ from the fee charged by payment system. Check the exact amount of transaction fee from the support service of the payment system.

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